Moments Of Joy

Waiting for Help

There are millions of kids in India who never get to know what is special in them, what is that they can do better than others, because they never get to do things which can bring out the best in them. While millions don't even make it to school, some get education just for the namesake. They don't get enough study materials and learning aid. They are waiting for our help.

Let us share a moment of joy with them.

Learning Aid For Students

Aim of this project is to provide a learning aid kit comprising pen, notebooks, pencils and erasers etc. to more than 300 students belonging to 10 schools in the district of Koraput, Odisha.

Mentoring Support To Students

Aim of this project is to provide mentoring support to students of selected schools where 'Learning Aid For Students' project is being executed.

Spreading Smile

Spreading joy and bringing smile to many lives.

Moments of Joy

We have more than 200 Millions students in different schools in India. It is a huge challenge to provide them with quality education. The challenge is big, but the opportunity to solve this is even bigger. We have a 700 Millions strong middle class population which can help India as a nation to provide opportunity to every child.

'Moments of Joy' is the idea of providing opportunity to every child.